Top IVF Doctors In Delhi For Surrogacy Procedure and Fees 2022

Date: January 1 -11 -

“Surrogacy allows individuals and couples who could otherwise not have children to become parents. It’s common for us to see same-sex couples, single Individuals and for women who can’t carry children for medical reasons to become parents”

top ivf doctor in india
top ivf doctor in india

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It affords a wonderful opportunity for you to have children. Growing generation is rather unique in this field and they take a great deal of effort to make sure that your surrogate is appropriately cleared before presented to you. This takes a lot of time and expense on their part. You can be assured that once you find an appropriate surrogate for you and she is ready to move forward in the treatment.

Our surrogate is already being pre-screened and cleared by our Vins Doctor. The actual screening of surrogate is a fairly straight forward process that takes a lot of time and effort. We check each surrogate for consultation in our medical centres. If surrogate lives remotely they fly to vins centre for consultation. We take a lot of time to review their medical history, their obstetric history, medication, their pertinent history that might affect the pregnancy process. We want to make sure that your surrogate is the ideal person to provide a safe environment for your child. If a surrogate has had complications prior pregnancies usually this will roll her out as being a surrogate moving forward. You can be assured in moving forward that your surrogate has been appropriately screened.

top ivf doctors in delhi
Part of the screening process is also to review all the medicals treatment to make sure that she understands the importance of each step of the process.

Surrogate and their partners are screened for infectious diseases, drug use, physical exams to make sure that they are healthy and there is nothing unusual about the physical exam that is going to jeopardise the pregnancy.

The surrogates have Pelvic ultrasound where we very carefully check the uterus and her ability to safely carry a pregnancy. Once we received all the laboratory evaluation back, we take that information along with the psychological screening and give a clearance to grow in generations for that surrogate to be matched.

Growing generation is going to take a lot of effort to find you the appropriate surrogate to meet with and if that is an appropriate match for you then we move to legal contracts.

Legal contracts are simply there to provide the black and white, what the process is and protects your rights as a parent. Once legal contracts are finalised then we can move forward with the treatment.

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top ivf doctors in delhi
top ivf doctors in delhi
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Best ivf doctor in delhi

We will have both the surrogate, Egg donor and the recipient parents on birth controls pills. This will allow us to synchronise the menstrual cycles which is a very critical portion of this treatment process. The intended parents or the egg donor start taking fertility drugs to stimulate her egg production. The surrogate will start taking the hormones to prepare the uterus to be pregnant. All parties involved will go the ultrasound and hormonal evaluation so that we can appropriately manage the medical treatment process. Fertilisation will occur on the day of egg retrieval. You will receive regular updates as to how your embryos are developing and three to five days after the egg retrieval your surrogate will be in for embryo to transfer.